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 dd9da150653a13db79394b81523bf69a86375cbb 0.6
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 * Moved functionality from irclib module to irc.client module.
 * Moved functionality from ircbot module to module.
-* Still maintain irclib and ircbot modules for backward-compatibility.
+* Retained irclib and ircbot modules for backward-compatibility. These
+  will be removed in 1.0.
 * Renamed project to simply 'irc'.
+To support the new module structure, simply replace references to the irclib
+module with irc.client and ircbot module with This project will
+support that interface through all versions of irc 1.x, so if you've made
+these changes, you can safely depend on `irc >= 0.7, <2.0dev`.