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 Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol client library
-The home of irclib is now:
+The home of irclib is:
-  * Python 2.6 or newer.
+  * Python 2.6 or newer (but not Python 3 yet).
+  You have several options to install the IRC project.
+  * Use "easy_install irc" or "pip install irc" to grab the latest
+    version from the cheeseshop (recommended).
   * Run "python install" (from the source distribution) or
   * Run "paver install" (from repo checkout, requires paver) or
   * Copy irc directory to appropriate site-packages directory.
     docstrings to get a grip of what it does.  Use it at your own risk
     and read the source, Luke!
+  * irc/
+    An IRC bot implementation.
 Example scripts in the scripts directory:
   * irccat