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on_welcome not called when reconnecting

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When your bot gets kicked from the server for various reasons like "Excess flood" and other things and then reconnects. It does not call on_welcome again. Is this a bug or it is meant to be this way?

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  1. Jason R. Coombs repo owner

    Looking briefly at the code, on_welcome will only be called if the server sends a 'welcome' event. I don't see any reason why the IRC client would not be dispatching that event if the server sent it. My suspicion is that the server isn't sending the welcome message, and that the behavior you describe is expected. It would be hard to tell, though, without an actual test case (or at least documentation indicating that we expect the welcome message from the server in all cases).

    Here's what I recommend: write a small script (similar to that reproduces the issue with a public server (in a way that doesn't cause a nuisance), run that script to demonstrate that the issue exists, and then post that script here. From there, we can enable some debugging and determine if there's a failure in the library or if it's working as expected.

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