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Jason R. Coombs  committed 74f5be3

Restored threaded test

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 import py.test
 import test_evp
+import test_cipher
 class ThreadedTester(Thread):
 	failed = False
 	def run(self):
-			test_evp.test_cipher(['a'*1000, 'd'*1000])
-			test_evp.test_rand()
+			test_cipher.test_cipher(['a'*1000, 'd'*1000])
+			#test_evp.test_rand()
 		except Exception, e:
 			self.failed = True
 			self.exception = e
 def test_threaded_crypto():
-	py.test.skip('currently fails')
 	threads = [ThreadedTester() for i in range(10)]
 	map(lambda t: t.start(), threads)
 	# wait for the threads to complete