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Fixed broken imports

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 import subprocess
 from optparse import OptionParser
-from .vstudio import get_vcvars_env
-from jaraco.develop import apply_python_bug_patch
+from . import vstudio
+from . import python
 class TestStage(object):
 		create a directory for the test
-		build_existed_prior = os.path.exists(os.path.expanduser('~/build'))
 		loc_exists = os.path.exists(self.location)
 		if loc_exists and not reuse:
 			msg = "Test directory already exists."
 		target = os.path.join(self.location, self.project_name)
 		cmd = ['svn', 'co', '-q', url, target]
 		if False:
-			cmd.extend(['--depth', 'immediates', ]) # for debugging
+			cmd.extend(['--depth', 'immediates', ])  # for debugging
 		result = subprocess.Popen(cmd).wait()
 		if result != 0:
 			print("Checkout failed", file=sys.stderr)
 		return os.path.join(self.project_location, 'PCBuild')
 	def apply_patch(self, bug_id):
-		apply_python_bug_patch(bug_id, self.project_location)
+		python.apply_python_bug_patch(bug_id, self.project_location)
 	def get_externals(self, word_size):
 		script_name = {
 		script_path = os.path.join('Tools', 'buildbot', script_name)
 		proc = subprocess.Popen(script_path, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
-			cwd=self.project_location, # external scripts are particular about the cwd
+			cwd=self.project_location,  # external scripts are particular about the cwd
 		output, stderr = proc.communicate()
 		print("result of {script_name} is {proc.returncode}".format(**vars()))
 		get_externals and self.get_externals(word_size)
 		print("building {word_size}-bit python".format(**vars()))
 		env_args = {32: [], 64: ['x64']}[word_size]
-		env = get_vcvars_env(*env_args)
+		env = vstudio.get_vcvars_env(*env_args)
 		cmd_args = {32: [], 64: ['-p', 'x64']}[word_size]
 		cmd = self.construct_build_command(self.project_location, cmd_args)
 		proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, env=env, stdout=save_results, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)
 		if not proc.returncode == 0:
 			print("Warning: rt.bat returned {proc.returncode}".format(**vars()))
 		save_results.write('\nresult: {proc.returncode}'.format(**vars()))
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