Jason R. Coombs avatar Jason R. Coombs committed 129db3b

Sort merchant transactions by date (for better reporting). Only apply earned residuals to advances.

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 	def add_row(self, row):
 		merchant = Merchant.from_row(row)
 		transactions = Transaction.from_row(row)
-		self.accounts[merchant] = transactions
+		by_date = lambda txn: txn.date.as_object()
+		self.accounts[merchant] = sorted(transactions, key=by_date)
 class Merchant(object):
 	_merchants = dict()
 					for txn in advance_txns)
 				if outstanding > 0:
 					# amount to repay
-					repay_adv = -min(outstanding, amount)
+					repay_adv = -min(outstanding, amount / 2)
 					designation = ledger.SimpleDesignation(
 						descriptor = advance_descriptor, amount=repay_adv)
 					txn = ledger.Transaction(date=date,
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