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Updated README to include a description of the accounts.json file. Fixes #1

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 * Integrate some of the most common institutions.
+Accounts File
+The "ofx download-all" command of `` will retrieve the
+OFX transactions in a batch for a group of accounts defined in a JSON file.
+Currently, that file must be located in ~/Documents/Financial/accounts.json.
+The file should be a JSON list of objects,
+each with `institution` and `account` attributes. It should also have a
+`type` property of "checking", "savings", "creditline", or other appropriate
+OFX type. The institution should reference an institution installed with, such as those defined in `jaraco.institutions
+<href="">`_. The institution
+name must match exactly. Here is an
+example accounts.json::
+	[
+		{
+			"institution": "Bank of America",
+			"account": "12345679",
+			"type": "savings"
+		},
+		{
+			"institution": "Wells Fargo",
+			"account": "872634126",
+			"type": "moneymrkt"
+		},
+		{
+			"institution": "Chase (credit card)",
+			"account": "4000111122223333",
+			"username": "myusername"
+		}
+	]
+The `username` attribute must be included if the username of the local user
+(running the ofx command) differs from the account name on the account.
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