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Status and License

``jaraco.geo`` is a geographic support library.

``jaraco.geo`` is written by Jason R. Coombs.  It is licensed under an
`MIT-style permissive license

You can install it with ``easy_install jaraco.geo``, or from the
`subversion repository
<>`_ with
``easy_install jaraco.geo==dev``.


As Python support for namespace packages is still in development,
setuptools or distribute is required.

Also, the current geotrans2 dynamic libraries are currently built only
for Windows, so support for other platforms is currently not present.
However, the DMS class should be usable in a pure-python environment.


``jaraco.geo`` includes an object named DMS for storing and manipulating
values in degrees, minutes, and seconds. See the jaraco.geo module for
details and documentation.

``jaraco.geo`` also implements geotrans2 by the `NGA
<>`_. See the tests directory in the subversion
repository for sample usage.



* Added 2to3 support - now easy_installs under Python 2 and Python 3.


* Initial release
* Implements NGA geotrans2