1. Jason R. Coombs
  2. jaraco.httplib2


jaraco.httplib2 / CHANGELOG

   Calling Http.request() with a relative URI, as opposed to an absolute URI,
   will now throw a specific exception.

   Http() now has an additional optional parameter for the socket timeout.

   Exceptions can now be forced into responses. That is, instead of
   throwing an exception, a good httlib2.Response object is returned
   that describe the error with an appropriate status code.

   Many improvements to the file cache:

     1.  The names in the cache are now much less 
         opaque, which should help with debugging.

     2.  The disk cache is now Apache mod_asis compatible. 
     3.  A Content-Location: header is supplied and stored in the
         cache which points to the original requested URI.

   User supplied If-* headers now override httplib2 supplied

   IRIs are now fully supported. Note that they MUST be passed in
   as unicode objects.

   Http.add_credentials() now takes an optional domain to restrict
   the credentials to being only used on that domain.

   Added Http.add_certificate() which allows setting 
   a key and cert for SSL connnections.

   Many other bugs fixed.

   Added support for Google Auth.

   Added experimental support for HMACDigest.  

   Added support for a pluggable caching system. Now supports
   the old system of using the file system and now memcached.

   Added httplib2.debuglevel which turns on debugging. 

   Change Response._previous to Response.previous.

   Addded Http.follow_all_redirects which forces
   httplib2 to follow all redirects, as opposed to 
   following only the safe redirects. This makes the
   GData protocol easier to use.

   All known bugs fixed to date.


    Fixed several bugs raised by James Antill:
    1. HEAD didn't get an Accept: header added like GET.
    2. HEAD requests did not use the cache.
    3. GET requests with Range: headers would erroneously return a full cached response.
    4. Subsequent requests to resources that had timed out would raise an exception.
    And one feature request for 'method' to default to GET.

    Xavier Verges Farrero supplied what I needed to make the 
    library work with Python 2.3.

    I added distutils based setup.py.

0.1 Rev 86 
    Initial Release