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class NormalizingAxisJoystick(object):
	def set_translate_method(self, normalize_axes):
		Set the method that will be called to normalize
		the values for analog axis.  This should be called by the
		choices = [self.translate_identity, self.translate_using_data_size]
		self.translate = choices[normalize_axes]

	def translate_using_data_size(self, value, axis):
		Normalizes analog data to [0,1] for unsigned data
		and [-0.5,0.5] for signed data.
		The data size represents size in bytes used to represent
		the range of values that might be supplied by the axis.
		data_size = self.get_data_size_for_axis(axis)
		data_bits = 8*data_size
		return float(value)/(2**data_bits-1)

	def translate_identity(self, value, axis):
		return value

	def get_data_size_for_axis(self, axis):
		Return the data size in bytes represented by the
		given axis.
		This implementation assumes the axis is a numeric
		index and the joystick behaves like an xbox 360
		controller in Linux.
		i.e. axes 0, 1, 3, 4 are 16-bit values (2 bytes)
		     axes 2, 5 are 8-bit values (1 byte)
		return [2,1][axis in (2,5)]