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Added AmericanFunds, but it doesn't work with my retirement account

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 	fid = '7776',
 	fiorg = 'fidelity.com',
 	url = 'https://ofx.fidelity.com/ftgw/OFX/clients/download',
+AmericanFunds = dict(
+	caps = ['SIGNON', 'INVSTMT'],
+	fiorg = 'INTUIT',
+	fid = '7779',
+	url = 'https://ofx.financialtrans.com/tf/OFXServer?tx=OFXController&cz=702110804131918&cl=3000518',
 			'Chase (Credit Card)=jaraco.institutions.sites:Chase',
+			'American Funds=jaraco.institutions.sites:AmericanFunds',
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