Jason R. Coombs committed 7a4285d

Cleaned up imports
Moved duplicate __init__ methods together to highlight mistake

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File jaraco/media/

-#! python
-import sys
 import optparse
 import re
 import os
-import shutil
 import subprocess
+from os.path import join
+from copy import deepcopy
+import logging
 	import win32api
-from os.path import join
-from copy import deepcopy
-from cStringIO import StringIO
-import logging
 from jaraco.util.numbers import ordinalth
 from jaraco.util.string import trim
 from jaraco.util.itertools import flatten
 from import cropdetect
 from import *
 	def __init__(self):
 		self.exe_path = [self.find_mencoder_exe()]
+	def __init__(self):
+		self.other_options = HyphenArgs()
 	def find_mencoder_exe():
 		program_files = (
 		except StopIteration:
 			raise RuntimeError("Cannot find mencoder; admittedly didn't try very hard.")
-	def __init__(self):
-		self.other_options = HyphenArgs()
 	def copy(self):
 		result = MEncoderCommand()
 		# we need to do a deep copy so we make copies of all the args