Jason R. Coombs committed e7d33d7

Use local_format in ntp

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 import logging
 import argparse
-from jaraco.util.string import trim
+from jaraco.util.string import trim, local_format as lf
 import jaraco.util.logging
 log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
 	family, socktype, proto, canonname, sockaddr = infos[0]
-'Requesting time from %(sockaddr)s' % vars())
+'Requesting time from {sockaddr}'))
 	client = socket.socket(family=family, type=sock_type, proto=proto)
 	if not data:
-'Response received from: %s', address)
+'Response received from: {address}'))
 	t = struct.unpack('!12I', data)[10]
 	t -= TIME1970
-'\tTime=%s', time.ctime(t))
+	time_s = time.ctime(t)
 def handle_command_line():
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