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Status and License

``jaraco.net`` provides miscellaneous utility functions used across
projects developed by the author.

``jaraco.net`` is written by Jason R. Coombs.  It is licensed under an
`MIT-style permissive license

You can install it with ``easy_install jaraco.net``, or from the
`mercurial repository
<http://bitbucket.org/jaraco/jaraco.net/tip/get.zip#egg=jaraco.net-dev>`_ with
``easy_install jaraco.net==dev``.

DNS Forwarding Service

``jaraco.net`` includes a DNS forwarding service for Windows. This is
because Microsoft appears to be unable to bind to 6 to 4 and Teredo
addresses with their production DNS Server. After installing
``jaraco.net``, the service executable is available as
`%PYTHON%\Scripts\dns-forwarding-service.exe`. In addition to the
documented install/uninstall/start/stop commands, it's also possible
to configure a bind address with the -b option. For example::

    dns-forwarding-service -b 2002:41de:a625::41de:a625 install

The service will be installed and the bind address will be stored in
`HKLM\Software\jaraco.net\DNS Forwarding Service\Listen Address`. Note
that the service must be restarted to recognize an updated bind address.



* Added jaraco.net.devices package. Includes a Manager class for
  retrieving MAC addresses and IP addresses on the host.
* Created jaraco.net.http package (from module of the same name)
* Added jaraco.net.http.caching, an early attempt at providing a
  CachingHandler for urllib2 with HTTP protocol support.
* Added a simple echo server.
* Added http-headers command.


* Added function wait_for_host to icmp lib
* Added support for a custom bind address to the DNS Forwarding Service


* Added rss module (migrated from jaraco.util)


* Initial release.
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