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Fixed issue in discovery when PyBluez is not installed

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 ``easy_install jaraco.nxt==dev``.
 The ``jaraco.nxt`` library also can take advantage of the `jaraco input
 package.  To include it as part of the install, use the command
 ``easy_install jaraco.nxt[input]``.
+* Fixed issue in discovery when PyBluez is not installed.
+* Move to Mercurial repository and bitbucket hosting.
+* Added example of reading from a sensor port.


 	import bluetooth
 except ImportError:
-	class bluetooth:
-		class BluetoothSocket: pass
+	import types
+	bluetooth = types.ModuleType('bluetooth')
+	bluetooth.BluetoothSocket = type('BluetoothSocket', (object,), dict())
 	bluetooth.discover_devices = lambda *args, **kwargs: []
 log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
 class Connection(serial.Serial, Device):
 	A low-level connection to an NXT brick
 	Requires that the brick is already paired with this device using
 	Example usage:
 	conn = Connection('COM3')
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