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Adding an example of how to read sensor values (untested).

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+This example demonstrates how one might read sensor values from the brick.
+Caution: this module has not been tested. Please report your experience
+with it.
+from jaraco.nxt import Connection
+from jaraco.nxt.messages import GetInputValues
+from jaraco.nxt import locator
+dev = locator.find_brick()
+# read the values form this port
+port = 1
+# send the GetInputValues message, which returns a
+#  jaraco.nxt.messages.InputValues reply
+input_values = dev.send(GetInputValues(port))
+# print each of the fields
+for field in input_value.fields:
+	value = getattr(input_values, field)
+	print("%(field)s:\t%(value)s" % vars())