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Added itertools.is_empty

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+* Added `itertools.is_empty`.


 import itertools
 import collections
 import math
+import functools
 from jaraco.util.numbers import ordinalth
+from .exceptions import throws_exception
 def make_rows(num_columns, seq):
 	return iter(tuple())
+def is_empty(iterable):
+	"""
+	Return whether the iterable is empty or not. Consumes at most one item
+	from the iterator to test.
+	>>> is_empty(xrange(0))
+	True
+	>>> is_empty(xrange(1))
+	False
+	"""
+	get_next = functools.partial(next, iter(iterable))
+	return throws_exception(get_next, StopIteration)
 class Reusable(object):
 	An iterator that may be reset and reused.
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