Jason R. Coombs committed 9b5d5ca

fixed string.trim and added a test to validate its operation.

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 import inspect
 import itertools
 import functools
+import textwrap
 from .functools import compose
 from .exceptions import throws_exception
 	return isinstance(value, bytes) and not is_decodable(value)
 def trim(s):
-	"""
+	r"""
 	Trim something like a docstring to remove the whitespace that
 	is common due to indentation and formatting.
+	>>> trim("\n\tfoo = bar\n\t\tbar = baz\n")
+	'foo = bar\n\tbar = baz'
-	return dedent(s).strip()
+	return textwrap.dedent(s).strip()
 class Splitter(object):
 	"""object that will split a string with the given arguments for each call