Anonymous avatar Anonymous committed df5c7a3

Moved initialization into its own method.
Created teardown method (untested).
Added possible fix for set_resolution failing to enact the change.

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 	def __init__(self, devnum=0, show_video_window=False):
 		self.devnum = devnum
 		self.show_video_window = show_video_window
+		self.initialize()
+	def initialize(self):
 		self.filter_graph = CreateObject(FilterGraph)
 		self.control = self.filter_graph.QueryInterface(IMediaControl)
 		self.graph_builder = CreateObject(CaptureGraphBuilder2)
+	def teardown(self):
+		if hasattr(self, 'control'):
+			self.control.Stop()
+			self.control.Release()
+			del self.control
+		if hasattr(self, 'grabber'):
+			self.grabber.Release()
+			del self.grabber
+		if hasattr(self, 'graph_builder'):
+			self.graph_builder.Release()
+			del self.graph_builder
+		if hasattr(self, 'filter_graph'):
+			self.filter_graph.Release()
+			del self.filter_graph
 	def display_capture_filter_properties(self):
 		hdr.biWidth, hdr.biHeight = width, height
+		stream_config.Release()
+		#self.teardown()
+		#self.initialize()
 	def get_buffer(self):
 		media_type = tag_AMMediaType()
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