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Jonathan Ballet  committed 4d63f51

Passwords saved in Gnome Keyring now have a name.

You can easily distinguish them in Seahorse, for example, while previously, you
only had many "Network password" entries.

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 * WinVaultKeyring now supports multiple passwords for the same service. Fixes
 * Most of the tests don't require user interaction anymore.
+* Entries stored in Gnome Keyring appears now with a meaningful name if you try
+  to browser your keyring (for ex. with Seahorse)

File keyring/backend.py

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         """Set password for the username of the service
-            gnomekeyring.set_network_password_sync(None, username, service,
-                None, None, None, None, 0, password)
+            gnomekeyring.item_create_sync(
+                None, gnomekeyring.ITEM_NETWORK_PASSWORD,
+                "Password for '%s' on '%s'" % (username, service),
+                {'user': username, 'domain': service},
+                password, True)
         except gnomekeyring.CancelledError:
             # The user pressed "Cancel" when prompted to unlock their keyring.
             raise PasswordSetError("cancelled by user")