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escape/unescape routines available for backends which need
alphanumeric usernames, services, or other values

import string, re

    getattr(string, 'letters', None) # Python 2
    or getattr(string, 'ascii_letters') # Python 3
) + string.digits

def escape(value):
    """Escapes given value so the result consists of alphanumeric chars and
    ESCAPE_CHAR only"""
    def escape_char(c, legal = LEGAL_CHARS):
        # Single char escape. Either normal char, or _<hexcode>
        if c in legal:
            return c
            return "%s%X" % (ESCAPE_CHAR, ord(c))
    return "".join( escape_char(c) for c in value )

def unescape(value):
    """Reverts escape"""
    re_esc = re.compile("_([0-9A-F]{2})")
    return re_esc.sub(lambda i: chr(int(,16)), value)