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Basic tools to make librarypaste easier to use.

  • lpaste: python tool that can paste code or attachments. you should be able to install with "easy_install lpaste"

    You can add your own default username or library paste site (either option is optional) by creating a ~/.lpasterc or /etc/lpasterc file that looks like this: [lpaste] url: http://alternate.librarypaste.company.local user: GrandPoobah

  • lpaste.app: OSX Automator action to run lpaste -ab. Put it somewhere easy to use and drag and drop files onto it.

    Note: You MUST have the lpaste command line script installed, and you can just open the .app in automator to edit it. It's very simple.

    Protip: With quicksilver you can select some files (I use cmd-G to get my current finder selection) > "Open With" > "lpaste.app" for super easy