1. Jason R. Coombs
  2. MilestoneQueryMacro


MilestoneQueryMacro / milestone_query.py

from genshi.core import Markup
from trac.wiki.macros import WikiMacroBase
from trac.wiki import Formatter
from StringIO import StringIO

class MilestoneQueryMacro(WikiMacroBase):
    """Display a ticket query based on the milestone name for each matching milestone.

    Specify a pattern to match the milestones and optionally
    'completed' and 'desc' (or 'asc' which is the default):


      [[MilestoneQuery(release_%, completed,)]]

      [[MilestoneQuery(release_%, completed, DESC)]]

    The pattern is a SQL LIKE pattern.

    #revision = "0.1"
    #url = "http://making.dev.woome.com"

    def expand_macro(self, formatter, name, text):
        pattern, completed, order = text.split(",")
        cursor = self.env.get_db_cnx().cursor()
            "SELECT name FROM milestone WHERE name like '%s' %s %s;" % (
                "AND completed > 0" if completed else "AND completed = 0",
                "ORDER BY name ASC" \
                    if (order.upper() == "ASC" or order == "") \
                    else "ORDER BY name DESC"
        milestone_names = [mn[0] for mn in cursor]

        out = StringIO()
        for m in milestone_names:
            wikitext = """== [milestone:%(milestonename)s %(milestonename)s] ==\n[[TicketQuery(milestone=%(milestonename)s,order=id,desc=0,format=table,col=summary|owner|ticket_status|type|status)]]""" % {
                "milestonename": m
            Formatter(self.env, formatter.context).format(wikitext, out)

        return Markup(out.getvalue())

# End