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# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Paring of Fortran H Edit descriptions (Contributed by Pearu Peterson)
# These tokens can't be easily tokenized because they are of the following
# form:
# where n is a positive integer and c1 ... cn are characters.
# This example shows how to modify the state of the lexer to parse
# such tokens
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

tokens = (

# Tokens
t_ignore = " \t\n"

    r"\d+H.*"                     # This grabs all of the remaining text
    i = t.value.index('H')
    n = eval(t.value[:i])
    # Adjust the tokenizing position
    t.lexer.lexpos -= len(t.value) - (i+1+n)
    t.value = t.value[i+1:i+1+n]
    return t                                  
def t_error(t):
    print "Illegal character '%s'" % t.value[0]
# Build the lexer
import lex
lex.runmain(data="3Habc 10Habcdefghij 2Hxy")
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