poster / .hgtags

The default branch has multiple heads

24686fd5c7b18a915a0363acc16794aa74633c00 0.1
37f19163442b8fab902fe706faf8ac4b600e432c 0.4
37f19163442b8fab902fe706faf8ac4b600e432c 0.5
88f6b55bb8edac87349ecc84c5f7073c4cb143f4 0.2
cb44e6f000baf7566edb8986d7c1fa3c4900b7dc 0.3
37f19163442b8fab902fe706faf8ac4b600e432c 0.5
e36303b846ab70fe10b9304b5bea1e000f866316 0.5
de3db8df46c3839d8fb7658368ebd582d16c0dda 0.6.0
b05ad4c70b0ab6a71acbca001baf429b70c46c82 0.7.0
852d4b5e4399ac7383c181cb9b0da11f2593c257 0.8.0
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