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Don't delete everything under a string-subkeyed primary key by using a
loop that fetches the next item using conf_get_str_strs and passing
the previous key as a parameter, because the previous key will have
been freed by the intervening conf_del_str_str. Instead, use the
technique of repeatedly using conf_get_str_nthstrkey with index 0 and
deleting what comes back, as PSCP and PSFTP do.

Spotted by Minefield with the aid of Jacob, or possibly vice versa.

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      * Start by clearing any existing subkeys of this key from conf.
-    for (val = conf_get_str_strs(conf, primary, NULL, &key);
-	 val != NULL;
-	 val = conf_get_str_strs(conf, primary, key, &key))
-	conf_del_str_str(conf, primary, key);
+    while ((key = conf_get_str_nthstrkey(conf, primary, 0)) != NULL)
+        conf_del_str_str(conf, primary, key);
      * Now read a serialised list from the settings and unmarshal it