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New FAQ: "When I put PuTTY in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 on my 64-bit Windows system,
`Duplicate Session' doesn't work." (Explanation courtesy Owen.)

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 entry in PuTTY's wishlist has more details.
+\S{faq-system32}{Question} When I put PuTTY in
+\cw{C:\\WINDOWS\\\i{SYSTEM32}} on my \i{64-bit Windows} system,
+\i{\q{Duplicate Session}} doesn't work.
+The short answer is not to put the PuTTY executables in that location.
+On 64-bit systems, \cw{C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM32} is intended to contain
+only 64-bit binaries; Windows' 32-bit binaries live in
+\cw{C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSWOW64}. When a 32-bit program such as PuTTY runs
+on a 64-bit system, it cannot by default see the \q{real}
+\cw{C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM32} at all, because the
+System Redirector} arranges that the running program sees the
+appropriate kind of binaries in \cw{SYSTEM32}. Thus, operations in
+the PuTTY suite that involve it accessing its own executables, such as
+\i{\q{New Session}} and \q{Duplicate Session}, will not work.
 \H{faq-secure} Security questions
 \S{faq-publicpc}{Question} Is it safe for me to download PuTTY and

File doc/index.but

 \IM{GSSAPI credential delegation} GSSAPI credential delegation
 \IM{GSSAPI credential delegation} credential delegation, GSSAPI
 \IM{GSSAPI credential delegation} delegation, of GSSAPI credentials
+\IM{SYSTEM32} \cw{SYSTEM32} directory, on Windows
+\IM{64-bit Windows} 64-bit Windows
+\IM{64-bit Windows} Windows, 64-bit