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Setup scripts can use pytest-runner to add test support for pytest runner.


  • Add 'pytest-runner' to your 'setup_requires'. Pin to '>=2.0,<3dev' (or similar) to avoid pulling in incompatible versions.
  • Include 'pytest' and any other testing requirements to 'tests_require'.
  • Invoke tests with ptr.

See the jaraco.util project for an example.



  • Removed support for the alternate usage. The recommended usage (as a distutils command) is now the only supported usage.
  • Removed support for the --junitxml parameter to the ptr command. Clients should pass the same parameter (and all other py.test arguments) to py.test via the --addopts parameter.


  • Added support for --addopts to pass any arguments through to py.test.
  • Deprecated support for --junitxml. Use --addopts instead. --junitxml will be removed in 2.0.


Initial implementation.

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