Jason R. Coombs avatar Jason R. Coombs committed 7efc476

Fixed issue with handling of easy_install paramters.

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-import os
+import os as _os
-from setuptools.command import test as _pytest_runner_test
+import setuptools.command.test as _pytest_runner_test
 class PyTest(_pytest_runner_test.test):
 	user_options = [
 		self.allow_hosts = None
 	def finalize_options(self):
-		if self.allow_hosts:
-			self.allow_hosts = self.allow_hosts.split(',')
+		pass
 	def run(self):
 				links = opts['find_links'][1].split() + links
 			opts['find_links'] = ('setup', links)
 		if self.allow_hosts:
-			opts['allow_hosts'] = self.allow_hosts
+			opts['allow_hosts'] = ('test', self.allow_hosts)
 		if self.index_url:
-			opts['index_url'] = self.index_url
+			opts['index_url'] = ('test', self.index_url)
 		cmd = easy_install(
-			dist, args=["x"], install_dir=os.curdir, exclude_scripts=True,
+			dist, args=["x"], install_dir=_os.curdir, exclude_scripts=True,
 			always_copy=False, build_directory=None, editable=False,
 			upgrade=False, multi_version=True, no_report = True
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