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Updated Gento package names. Thanks Scott T Silliman

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-XXX: Can anyone verify this package name?
-    $ sudo emerge pkgconfig
+    $ sudo emerge dev-util/pkgconfig
 Python Development Files
-    $ sudo emerge nspr
+    $ sudo emerge dev-libs/nspr
 Alternatively you can build from [source][nspr]. If you choose this route make
 sure that the nspr-config command is on your $PATH when running the install
-    $ sudo emerge xulrunner
+    $ sudo emerge net-libs/xulrunner
 As with [nspr][nspr], you can also build [xulrunner][xulrunner] from source. And as with [nspr][nspr] you need to make sure hat `$PATH` and `$PKG_CONFIG_PATH` are properly set when building the module.
     * Report on Context turnover causing segfaults.
+Scott T Silliman
+    * Provided Gentoo package names.