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Slight tweaks for building.

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+Thanks For Patches and Pointers
+benoitc - build system tweaks
             extra_compile_args=["-DXP_UNIX", "-DJS_THREADSAFE"],
             include_dirs=["/usr/include/js", "/usr/local/include/js", "/usr/include/mozjs", "/opt/local/include/js"],
-            runtime_libraries=["/usr/lib", "/usr/local/lib", "/opt/local/lib"],
-            libraries=[jslib, "pthread"]
+            library_dirs=["/usr/lib", "/usr/local/lib", "/opt/local/lib"],
+            libraries=["m", "pthread", jslib]
-/* Generated by Pyrex on Fri Jan 23 00:47:23 2009 */
+/* Generated by Pyrex on Sat Jan 24 17:28:42 2009 */
 #include "Python.h"
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