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issue #16 use fixed pointer for the extension name
issue #15 defer to construct javascript array when use it first time, which could allow create JSArray before enter a context
issue #13 fix the wrong reference count for Py_None
issue #12 use add_property instead of def_readonly
support to enable Serialize
add Config.h header file for feature setting
only define isfinite for the UNIX system
make GCC happy
fix the on the Win32 platform
support to set v8 flags
add serializeEnabled property
wrap function expression in parenthesis for compatibility
add v8 internal folders to include path
support VS2008
make GCC happy
yield the CPU when GIL was held by other thread in v8 preempt mode
the latest v8 engine broke the function expression supports, just make it happy
Issue #9, use a buffer to convert string if python compile with Py_UNICODE_WIDE and make UCS4 system happy (x64 FreeBSD or Linux), contributed by nuphahuang
check the locker has be acquired before enter the context if lock is active
support the native function in extension
test the auto enable property of JSExtension
support v8 Extension
add precompile method to JSEngine class
remove the wrong test case for the multi-core CPU
add test case for the preemption thread scene
fix the deadlock in Locker/Unlocker
add test case for multi python threads scene
add StackTrace property to exception class
add utility methods for memory and resources
support to terminate script threads
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