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Jason R. Coombs
Initial work supporting building on Windows
issue #116 fix the spell changes in v8 r10412
extract v8 internal includes to V8Internal.h fix the Win32 build
issue 113 parse the stack trace for frames
issue #114 support to set the language mode when visit a AST tree
add the column number property to JSFunction
issue #111 make v8 r9899 happy
support to call JSFunction with Javascript function.prototype.apply style
support to build with boost from HomeBrew at Mac OSX
allow to raise exception in the JSClass getter except AttributeError
issue #110 make v8 r9823 happy
issue #109 automatic map the boxed Javascript object to Python types
follow v8 to rename Variable::Mode as VariableMode
issue #106 check arm platform with
remove the is_none call, make the old boost happy
make v8 r9552 happy
add innerHTML to HTMLElement
port to V8 trunk code r9271
port to v8 trunk code r9212 remove ExitContextStatement from AST add document for JSFunction
port to the latest v8 SVN trunk r9185
add document for the Exception Translation
add document for the sequence and mapping
add the test cases for the type mapping
support to convert the build-in C functions add sample to the type conversion document
add the document for the type conversion
add a index page which redirect to the real document page fix the missing module importing
add document for the context and extension
introduce doctest for the document
finish the engine document
fix a spell error
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