Mark Hammond committed 7685c54

Policy failure calls PyCom_LogError(), which reports a traceback.

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 // Class Factories do not count against the DLLs total reference count.
 static LONG factoryRefCount = 0;
-extern void PyCom_LogF(const TCHAR *fmt, ...);
-#define LogF PyCom_LogF
 CPyFactory::CPyFactory(REFCLSID guidClassID) :
 	pPyModule = PyImport_ImportModule("win32com.server.policy");
  	if ( !pPyModule )
-		LogF(_T("PythonCOM Server - The policy module could not be loaded."));
+		PyCom_LogError("PythonCOM Server - The 'win32com.server.policy' module could not be loaded.");
 		/* ### propagate the exception? */
 		return FALSE;
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