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Some recent additions and bug fixes
Initialize resumeHandle in NetFileEnum (bug #3376041)
Fix format of debug print (bug #2808783)
In GetRootKey, return HKCU when installed per-user
Add startup type 'delayed'
Add EnumServicesStatusEx
In DispatchBaseClass.__init__, use isinstance to determine type of base object
Call PyType_Ready for Cursor_Type and Connection_Type Fix a memory problem when fetching successive large columns
Remove some more project files
Add some more VT_VECTOR conversions
Add VT_VECTOR conversions for types with a simple conversion function
Fix build error on Python 2.3
Add EvtCreateBookmark and EvtUpdateBookmark
Demos showing how to use EvtSubscribe
Add some more Vista/Win7 event log functions
Add more Evt* functions
Return VT_LPSTR an unicode in Python 3
Create __file__ while script is running as python.exe does
Handle some of the PROPVARIANT types that include VT_VECTOR
Add some recent changes
Add SHCreateShellItem
Include propsys in chm
Add some new event log functions for Vista/Windows 7
Linker parm /delayload should be the dll rather than the lib
Mark Hammond
update CHANGES.txt for recent swig work
Mark Hammond
mapi and exchange modules working under py3k
Mark Hammond
get adsi building in py3k
Mark Hammond
a single SWIG for py2k and py3k
Vernon Cole
bugfix ID: 3292681 Subtle crash
Mark Hammond
allow option to save as binary when encoding fails (bug 3139486)
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