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Shortened the code immensely using itertools

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 from random import shuffle
-from sets import ImmutableSet
+import itertools
 teams = 'ABCDEFG'
-# create a class to identify two opposing teams
-class OpponentPair(ImmutableSet):
-	def __init__(self, team_a, team_b):
-		assert team_a != team_b, "team_a and team_b must be distinct"
-		super(self.__class__, self).__init__((team_a,team_b))
-get_distinct_pairs = lambda items: (OpponentPair(x,y) for x in items for y in items if x != y)
-distinct_pairs = get_distinct_pairs(teams)
-# remove duplicate pairings
-# Note, since OpponentPair((A,B)) == OpponentPair((B,A)), the two
-#  will be considered the same, and only one will remain.
-unique_pairs = set(distinct_pairs)
-# put the pairs into a list to fix their order (sets are orderless)
-fixed_pairs = list(unique_pairs)
-# randomize the order
+fixed_pairs = list(itertools.combinations(teams, 2))
 def print_pair(pair):
-	print '%s vs %s' % tuple(pair)
+	print(' vs '.join(pair))
 map(print_pair, fixed_pairs)