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+.. -*- restructuredtext -*-
 ``svg.charts`` - Package for generating SVG Charts in Python
 ``svg.charts`` is written by Jason R. Coombs.  It is licensed under an
 `MIT-style permissive license
 You can install it with ``easy_install svg.charts``, or from the
-`mercurial repository source <>`_ with
+`mercurial repository source <>`_ with
 ``easy_install svg.charts==dev``.
 ``svg.charts`` has some examples (taken directly from the reference implementation)
-in `tests/ <>`_.
+in `tests/ <>`_.
 These examples show sample usage of the various chart types. They should provide a
 good starting point for learning the usage of the library.
 An example of using ``svg.charts`` in a `CherryPy
 <>`_ web app can be found in `
 If the site is working, you can see the `rendered output here
 This project is `hosted at sourceforge
-<>`_. Please use that site for
+<>`_. Please use that site for
 reporting bugs and requesting help. Patches are also welcome.
+* Updated to latest cssutils with Python 3 support. Thanks Christof!
+* Fixed a few remaining issues with Python 3 compatibility.
   only two values returned by float_range (in the case there are only
   two different 'y' values in the data) and scale_y_integers == True.
   Credit to `Jean Schurger <>`_ for the patch.
-* Fixed problem in installing on Unix OS (case sensitivity of 
+* Fixed problem in installing on Unix OS (case sensitivity of
   readme.txt). Credit to Luke Miller and Jean Schurger for supplying
   a patch for this issue.