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Meet Trollop

Trollop is a Python library for working with the Trello API.

Quick Start

A Trello connection is instantiated with your API key and a user's oauth token:

In [1]: from trollop import TrelloConnection

In [2]: conn = TrelloConnection(<your developer key>, <user's oauth token>)

The connection object will automatically have a Member object attached, representing the user whose oauth token was used to connect:

In [3]:
Out[3]: <trollop.lib.Member object at 0x101707650>

In [4]:
Out[4]: u'btubbs'

In the previous example no HTTP request was made until command 4, the access to Trollop objects are lazy.

The connection object has methods for getting objects by their IDs. The objects will have attributes named exactly as they are in the Trello API docs.:

In [5]: card = conn.get_card('4f2e454cefab2bbd4ea71b02')

In [6]:
Out[6]: u'Build a Python Trello Library'

In [7]: card.desc
Out[7]: u'And call it Trollop.'

In [8]: card.idList
Out[8]: u'4f17cb04d5c817032301c179'

In addition, there are convenience properties to automatically look up related objects.:

In [9]: lst = card.list

In [10]: lst
Out[10]: <trollop.lib.List object at 0x101707890>

In [11]:
Out[11]: u'Icebox'

In [12]:
Out[12]: u'4f17cb04d5c817032301c179'

In [13]: len(
Out[13]: 20

In [14]:[-1].name
Out[14]: u'Build a Python Trello Library'

Help Wanted

Some objects are not yet implemented (e.g. actions), as well as some relations between objects. They're easy to add though; just take a look at the already-implemented classes in trollop/ to see how to declare a new class, attribute, or relation. If you'd like to pitch in to finish covering the whole API, please send a pull request with your changes.


Trollop is licensed under the MIT License.