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Commits by hann...@62d5b8a3-27da-0310-9561-8e5933582275 were pushed to jaraco/zc.buildout-bootstrap

8a7f5f0 - Following today's zope-dev decision, remove some $Id markers

Commits by wic...@62d5b8a3-27da-0310-9561-8e5933582275 were pushed to jaraco/zc.buildout-bootstrap

f79574d - Handle systems with pkg_resources but without setuptools (I am looking at you Ubuntu.. grrr). Fixes LP#410528

Commits by ga...@62d5b8a3-27da-0310-9561-8e5933582275 were pushed to jaraco/zc.buildout-bootstrap

aa35481 - move the new bootstrap aside to let virtualenv users that have packages linked to bootstrap in trunk stay happy.
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