.--.                              .--.
            .'(`                               /  ..\
         __.>\ '.  _.---,._,'             ____.'  _o/
       /.--.  : |/' _.--.<                '--.     |.__
    _..-'    `\     /'     `'             _.-'     /--'
     >_.-``-. `Y  /' _.---._____     _.--'        /
    '` .-''. \|:  \.'   ___, .-'`   ~'--....___.-'
     .'--._ `-:  \/   /'    \\
         /.'`\ :;    /'       `-.
        -`    |     |
              :.; : |               Asterisk Jukebox
              |:    |                 Version o.9.1
              |     |
              :. :  |        Copyright (c) 2006 J.A. Roberts Tunney
            .jgs    ;            Keep it open source pigs
            /:::.    `\

J.A. Roberts Tunney <jtunney@lobstertech.com>


Asterisk Jukebox is an IVR application written for Asterisk, an open
source PBX application. Asterisk Jukebox allows a caller to browse
your music collection. All you have to do is tell Jukebox where your
music is and callers will be able to browse the collection. For
example a caller might hear: "Press 1 for Sisters Of Mercy", (Caller
presses 1), "Press 1 for Marian, Press 2 for This Corrosion, etc." But
that's not all! You can also tell the Jukebox to automatically pick
random songs to play.

At the moment, the jukebox supports all the standard Asterisk formats
such as GSM and uLaw. There is also MP3 support if you have CPU to
spare and mpg123 installed via app_mp3. You must also have Festival
installed on your system so the Jukebox can generate text to speech.


Press '*' to go up a directory. If you are in the root music folder
you will be exited from the script unless the 't' option is set.

If you have a really long list of files, you can filter the list at
any time by pressing '#' and spelling out a few letters you expect the
files to start with. For example, if you wanted to know what extension
'Requiem For A Dream' was, you'd type: '#737'. Note: Phone keypads
don't include Q and Z. Q is 7 and Z is 9. Star may be used as a
character wildcard. To clear your filter after it's been applied, just
press '#'.

Also remember that you may terminate any digit input by pressing the
pound key. This helps to avoid the 5 second timeout.


               __                          ___           _aaa
              d8888a,_                  a8888888a  __a8888888b
             d8P   `88ba.               8P'~~~~Y88888P""~~~~88b
            d8P     ~"Y88a____aaaa_____aP        88         Y88
           d8P         ~Y88"8~~~~~~88888          8g         88
          d8P                         88     ____ 88y__      88b
          88                         a88   _a88~888"8M88a____888
          88                         88P   88  a8"     `88888888b_
          8P                         88    88 a88        88b    Y8,
          88a                        Y8b     888L        888.    88P
         aP                           Y8     _888      _a8P 8   a88
        _8                             ~88a888~888_   a888yg'  a88'
        88                               ~~~~    ~"8888       a88P
       d8'                                           Y8,     888L
       8E                                             88a___8"888
      d8P                                              ~Y888   88L
      88                                                        88
      88                                                        88b
  ____88a_      a8a                                           __881
88""P~888       888b                              _         8888888888
      888       888P                             d8b            88
     _888b       ~           aaa.                888           d8P
 a888~"Y88                  88888                "P         8aa888_
        Y8                  Y88P"                             88""888a
        _8g8                 ~~                              a88    ~~
    __a8"88_                                              a_a88
   88"'   "88g                                             "88g_
   ~        `88a_                                        _a8'"Y88gg,
               "888a_.                                _a88"'     ~88
                  ~~"8888aaa_____               ___a888P'
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