Voice not being set back to normal

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Hi there,

I have installed and configured voice changer app. It works great and modifies my voice nicely. The only issue I am facing is that during call when I try to shift the voice back to normal, my voice is distorted and sounds like monster. Below is the method I am using .

[extension.conf] exten => 123,1,Answer() exten => 123,n,VoiceChanger(-5.0) exten => 123,n,Dial(SIP/nasir,30)

[features.conf] -> [applicationmap] voicechangeoff => #5,self/caller,VoiceChanger,0.2 (also tried 1)

I am using asterisk 1.6+ dahdi complete 2.5 VoiceChanger 0.9

also If I use StopVoiceChanger, then the caller channel is destroyed and asterisk seems hanged up until I kill asterisk PID and restart it again.

Please let me know what is issue and how to overcome this. thanks in advance


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