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make darn thing work

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File fabulous/image.py

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     pad = ' '
     def __init__(self, path, width=None):
-        pil_check()
+        utils.pil_check()
         from PIL import Image as Pills
         self.img = Pills.open(path)

File fabulous/text.py

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 import grapefruit
-from fabulous import image, color
+from fabulous import utils, image, color
 DEFAULT_FONT = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'fonts', 'IndUni-H-Bold.otf')
 class Text(image.Image):
     def __init__(self, text, fsize=20, color="#0099ff", font=DEFAULT_FONT,
                  shadow=False, scew=None):
-        pil_check()
+        utils.pil_check()
         from PIL import Image, ImageFont, ImageDraw
         self.text = text
         self.color = grapefruit.Color.NewFromHtml(color)

File fabulous/utils.py

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     height = property(lambda self: self.dimensions[1])
     def _get_bgcolor(self):
-        return self.bgcolor
+        return self._bgcolor
     def _set_bgcolor(self, color):
         self._bgcolor = grapefruit.Color.NewFromHtml(color)
     bgcolor = property(_get_bgcolor, _set_bgcolor)
               get your hands on a C compiler the development headers for
               ``python``, ``libz``, ``libjpeg``, ``libgif``, ``libpng``,
               ``libungif4``, ``libfreetype6``, and maybe more >_>
-            """]))
+            """))