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+This port of drawterm focuses on adding Cocoa drawing support to the Mac OS X
+version as found in gui-osx-cocoa.  Additional updates have been added to bring
+drawterm in line with recent changes in the Plan 9 source, specifically:
+- libc restructured and updated
+- libdraw, libmemdraw, and libmemlayer sources in line with recent Plan 9
+- modified kern files bringing in updates from recent Plan 9 releases
+- devdraw now allows window resize
+To build on Mac OS X 10.8, run make 'CONF=osx-cocoa'.
 To build on Unix, run CONF=unix make.
 To build on Solaris using Sun cc, run CONF=sun make.
-Use Mercurial: hg clone
-On the web at
-Tar file at
+Use Mercurial: hg clone
+On the web at
 In the Plan 9 distribution: /sys/src/cmd/unix/drawterm/ (sometimes out of date)
-Issue tracker:
+Issue tracker:
-- Should import latest /dev/draw to allow resize of window
 - Should copy 9term code and make console window a real
 	9term window instead.