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Merged in backout of Simons change of the addNode behaviour

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File source/aot_path_module.f90

   !! It contains a linked list of all nodes, as well as the name of the Lua
   !! script where this path is recorded in.
   type aot_path_type
-!    private
+    private
     !> Name of the file where this path object is found in.
     character(len=256) :: LuaFilename
       me%head => me%head%child
     end if
-    ! check for key and position
     if (present(pos)) then
       me%head%ID_kind = 'position'
       me%head%pos = pos
-    else if(present(key)) then
+    end if
+    ! Specified keys overwrite positions
+    if (present(key)) then
       me%head%ID_kind = 'key'
       me%head%key = key
     end if