jas43 committed 9d74055

flu-style binding to luaL_loadstring.

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   public :: flu_pushinteger, flu_pushnil, flu_pushnumber
   public :: flu_pushvalue
-  public :: fluL_loadfile, fluL_newstate, fluL_openlibs
+  public :: fluL_loadfile, fluL_newstate, fluL_openlibs, fluL_loadstring
   interface flu_pushnumber
     module procedure flu_pushreal
   end function fluL_loadfile
+  function fluL_loadstring(L, string) result(errcode)
+    type(flu_State) :: L
+    character(len=*) :: string
+    integer :: errcode
+    character(len=len_trim(string)+1) :: c_string
+    integer(kind=c_int) :: c_errcode
+    c_string = trim(string) // c_null_char
+    write (6,*) 'c_str:', c_string
+    c_errcode = luaL_loadstring(L%state, c_string)
+    errcode = c_errcode
+  end function fluL_loadstring
   function fluL_newstate() result(new_state)
     type(flu_State) :: new_state
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