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Zeke Sonxx
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I'd love to use this but I have no idea how to install it.

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  1. Jason Cech repo owner

    BeanBucket is still a work in progress and has few features.

    To be able to install this, you would need to create a '.nbm' file. I have not created an NBM file yet, as I do not feel it is ready for even alpha release.

  2. Anonymous

    This project, unfortunately, wasn't updated for past year and you claim that it isn't even in alpha stage. No change for past year, not even alpha stage -- does this mean, you've dropped this idea? Can we assume, that your project is a dead one?

  3. Jason Cech repo owner

    The idea is still there. However, I currently have not had the time to devote to the project. Perhaps not dead, but definitely in an inactive state. Of there are other developers out there that want to take a shot at some development, I am very open to it.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, I would most likey want to contribute, but unfortunately I don't know Java even a bit. And Netbean's plugins are written in pure Java, as far as I know.

    So, all that we have left is to wish you all the best with your current projects and hope that you'll find some spare time soon to finish this project! :]

  5. Vincent Duke

    Hey Jason,

    Let's talk about getting this thing rolling. Where have we left off, i'll pull some development resources in on this and we can collaborate. This would be a great offering for the smaller teams who want the functionality they can get in netbeans with JIRA, but dont want to make the complex JIRA Leap. I would love to contribute anyway I can. Let's have a private conversation if your interested in putting our names on something cool :D

  6. Jason Cech repo owner

    I would really like to get this project fired back up. I first started creating this as a means for working with another private project I have hosted here.

    That is the exact reason why I joined BitBucket (before its acquisition by Atlassian).

    We most definitely should strike up a conversation. I'm on Google+, [FaceBook] (, Twitter(@Jason Cech), and [LinkedIn] ( Or simply email me at!

  7. Brendan Strohmeier-Parmer

    I realize I have little say in this matter, and don't get me wrong.. I really want to see this thing made. I did look at the code, but Java isn't my strength, and I couldn't really figure it out.. But to the point, as I said, I realize I have little say in the matter, and maybe I'm just paranoid, but I'm fearing this project will become closed source/will become something I would have to buy to use. I won't argue with any choices made. I just felt the need to put my worries out here.

  8. Jason Cech repo owner

    I have no intent in making this closed source. Later tonight, around 9 Mountain Standard, I'll be inviting you to the project. Im very weak in the wiki department. I'm looking forward to having someone else involved.

  9. Anonymous

    @Jason Cech As for Wiki, you can count on me. I'm quite experienced in both text editing, technical documentation, Markdown and general Wiki-like issues.

    If only BeanBucket becomes usable, I'll try to find some spare time and document it.

  10. Jason Cech repo owner

    I'd be very interested. I find working in any sort of team setting is more productive than going solo. I'd be happy to knock the dust of this project and see if the momentum can start back up.

  11. John McDonnell

    I think development would need to start up on this again at some point. I didn't spend long on it, and stopped just after Christmas.

    @Jason Cech are you still interested? because I can still help - would need some guidance from you if I remember correctly where I left off.

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