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minor tweak to previous push

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         #fullpath=`readlink -f $1`
         case $fullpath in
-            */tree/src/*\.eng|*/tree/src/*\.fra|*/tree/src/*\.kin|*/tree/src/*\.mlg)
+            */tree/src/*\.eng/|*/tree/src/*\.eng|*/tree/src/*\.fra/|*/tree/src/*\.fra|*/tree/src/*\.kin/|*/tree/src/*\.kin|*/tree/src/*\.mlg/|*/tree/src/*\.mlg)
+                # wow, how ugly was that? Don't answer that. Bash case statements don't really do regexes, just path expansion.
                 if [[ -e $fullpath ]]; then
                     base=$( basename $fullpath )
                     collection=$( basename $( dirname $fullpath ) )
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