Auto Image Caching for performance

Issue #2472 resolved
Psico Lock created an issue

Moving the wheels to achieve perfect performance is a bad walkaround. We need some configuration option to cache on idle or cache all on startup if users want it to ensure best performance.

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  1. Major Pain

    Did i miss a updat or the changelog miss something? For me, it looks like i don´t have to scroll through the games anymore. I just have to wait a while till the 4GB RAM Cache are fully loaded. Just started LB and gone to the bathroom, came back and no image popups while scrolling. Then closed and tried with BB, same thing. Did you update something undercover? xD

  2. Psico Lock reporter

    Maybe you have an SSD or a faster rig, i dunno. I'm with HDD and older QX6700 and the caching progress only happens when i move the wheels.

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