controller automation exit is making bigbox.exe invisible from some emulators

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Carl Paulino created an issue

never had a problem with this before. maybe only surface fairly recently. using released LB 7.7 i use controller automation to exit emulators/games with my xbox one controller. using Bigbox, from some emulators, like Retroarch and Demul, exiting the game with controller automation throws you back to the desktop with an invisible bigbox.exe running that you have to kill with task manager. if you use the BB setting to hide the taskbar it's even worse as you will have no taskbar when thrown back.
from some emulators like Dolphin, this doesn't seem to be a problem, but it seems that may be because i have no AHK script in those to close the parent process.

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  1. Carl Paulino reporter

    well, i have a close process ahk also in PCSX2 ps2 emulator and it is working ok. So far, just having this problem with Demul and Retroarch, which is a lot of games. on windows 10 x64. same issue using xbox 360 controller.

  2. Carl Paulino reporter

    if i just press my escape key on the keyboard in Demul and RA games, it works like it's supposed to and takes me back to Bigbox.

  3. Carl Paulino reporter

    ok, I fixed RA by removing the AHK script that closes the parent process. Oddly it was never an issue before with RA. But if I remove that from the Demul emulator ahk tab then I can't exit Demul at all.

  4. Carl Paulino reporter

    Using this ahk line instead of the original one for Demul solves this problem! WinClose, ahk_class window ahk_exe demul.exe

    The method used before doesn't work now for Demul: Process, Close, demul.exe

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