Trailers + Gameplay as separate videos for games

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pyrometheous created an issue

I just wanted to request the option in bigbox, to have Gameplay footage in the main game wheel. So when you are browsing your game library, you see gameplay of each game respectively. Then when you enter the specific game menu (where you have the option to "play", "select disc", and everything else) you see a trailer or theme video for that game instead.

I've always found that it doesn't "feel" right to have the same video just repeat itself from the beginning when you go into it's individual menu screen from the main game wheel view.

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  1. pyrometheous reporter

    Just adding another note here:

    In Launchbox, adding 3 different video types, instead of one.

    1. Big Box Cinematic Video

    2. Gameplay

    3. Game Trailer

    And then allow themes to choose which of the three videos to use in each view.

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